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We are an international hi-tech start-up from Magdeburg, Germany. And we have an idea which can help to move Energy Storage Technologies forward. We want to be pioneers in green energy field, to make only high quality and long- lasting products.

Our team believes that every person in the world deserves to have in his hand an autonomous source of energy. This will have not only a positive effect on the ecology of the planet as a whole, but will also lay the foundation for the education of a harmonization and technically advanced society.


By reducing the size and distance of electrodes and dielectrics at the nano-level and controlling dielectric permittivity by resonance phenomena in our Nano-Controllable Supercapacitors, we get our Power Sources with extra power and small weight and size.


5kWh in 1,5 kilo are very long-awaited in the market. Our Super Light Power Sources can be your home helper to save energy and be mobile for a long time. It give hope for stable high-power systems and the creation of highly mobile products.


Our Power Sources based on dry materials of Nano-Controllable Supercapacitor without  chemical liquid, gel, lithium, polymers, and they have no any formation of toxic gases. What's why it safety, easy to recycle, re-using, quick to charge, just plug & play.


We are open to cooperation in production, researching and further expanding our technology. We are also ready for independent small-scale production for direct sales. Our developments allow very flexible approach to the size, weight and power of the products. 


Power Source Type

Based on Nano-Controllable Supercapacitors




5kWh (104,21Ah) 

Round-trip efficiency


Charging Time

5-10 min. Depends on the energy source

Cycles of use

more than 5 million


10 year 

After 15 year can lose up to 15-20% of capacity

Operational Temperature

-50°C to 70°C

Optimum Temperature

-40°C to 50°C


100x100x100 mm


1,5 kg

up to 3 kg with high protection opt.

With our solutions you may not caring about charge your "enjoyment" of your entire vacation and ...


...even at home after.​


Our invention relates to the field of energy storage technologies and devices, especially supercapacitors.

Due to the constant depletion of fossil fuels, the sustainable and renewable energy resources have taken prime importance. There is a great interest in developing and refining more efficient energy storage devices. The supercapacitors have attracted much attention in the automotive and consumer electronics industry due to their high capacitance, pulse power capacities, and long lifecycle. The capacitance of the supercapacitor is several orders of magnitude higher than the dielectric capacitors, and the power density is much higher than most batteries. Further, the supercapacitors bridge the gap between batteries and dielectric capacitors.

The electric vehicle, wind power, solar power system, etc. uses energy storage systems. Especially, energy storage system plays a very important role in net integration of renewable energy resources. Some of the promising energy storage systems for such applications are batteries and supercapacitors. The supercapacitors have been gaining much recognition in such areas of applications due to their advantageous over batteries especially because of the high charge-discharge rate, long cycle life, outstanding power density and no short-circuit issues that are the common concerns with the current battery or fuelcell technology. The supercapacitors offer increased energy storage with little compromise of power density that is a critical need for practical applications such as in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, wind turbine or solar plant energy storage, regenerative braking technology and so on.

Our nano-supercapacitor is slightly similar technology to the known supercapacitor, but unlike others, which based on a electrical double layer and electrolytes, we can create solid-state nano-, heterostructural materials with controlled high dielectric permittivity (up to the 6th order), by creating alternating layers of materials with new, pre-defined and controlled properties. This makes it possible to create a very powerful supercapacitor on the nano level, which, being integrated in the cells, can keep high power inside our Power Source.
All developed materials are 100% dry solid material. That allows us to work at a much higher breakdown voltage. At the thickness of the separation layer in 15 microns, the collected cell will have a breakdown voltage in 50V, therefore for safery we set a limit up to 48V. The expected ratio of our nano-supercapacitor is around 0.3-0.4 kg per 1 kWh (the dependence is actually linear)


With ZEUS power sources you can reduce the power you need from the grid to meet the electricity needs of your household, which means further savings on your energy bills.

ZEUS power sources works on dry principle based on Controllable Nano-Supercapasitors which gives an advantage in durability, size and large capacity.

ZEUS power sources a super light, stable with a high capacity and superior round-trip efficiency is perfect fit for electric mobility.

With several ZEUS power sources blocks you will have sufficient capacity to meet an any home's, farm’s and wind-powered machinery electricity needs.

ZEUS power sources have reliable long-term quality, unlimited cycles of use and safe for recycling due to the dry material, without chemical reactions and polymers inside.

ZEUS power sources have a high energy density, provides superior power/volume and power/weight ratios.



Our company has extraordinary knowledge and skills in the implementation of technologies and know-how from idea to production.

We differ from many others in that as professional development engineers and experienced scientists, we have not stopped seeing the world as a whole, discovering regularities and not being afraid of experimentation.


We are professionals who able to move into reality the most daring and ambitious ideas. We want to be pioneers in green energy field, to make only high quality and long- lasting products.

We offer you take a new look at the physics of materials and use our discoveries and achievements for the benefit of development of Green Energy and portable power sources


39179 Barleben b. Magdeburg 

Technologiezentrum Ostfalen


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